Monday, June 26, 2017

GAMBAR RAYA: Warga Asing KUASAI Kuala Lumpur

This Raya Holiday,  for those who can't afford to fly but would like to *visit other countries in a day*. 

Take LRT or Monorail and get down at *Station Masjid Jamek*. You will find yourself in *Pakistan*. It's like a big Pakistan bazaar. 

Take a stroll slowly to *Leboh Ampang* and you'll find yourself in *India*.  Have pure Indian Vegetarian lunch there.

Proceed to *Jalan Silang*. 
You will be entering *Nepal, Myanmar and Vietnam* all at one go.  There is no country border here. All of them mixed in one place.

Quickly take a bus or monorail  to *Jalan Bukit Bintang*. Aloha! You are entering *Africa, Arab, China and Uzbekistan*  instantly. It's a food haven. Have lunch here. After that, get a foot, body or watever you want massaged . Lots of promotion packages and everything and anything can be massaged here. 

Then take the bus to *Jalan Chow Kit*. You  are now entering *Indonesia*. There is Jawa Timur, Jawa Barat, Madura, Bali and practically all parts of Indonesia melted into one. U won't find this even if you go to Indonesia itself. 

 Tourism Malaysia should promote our country as " *Visiting Malaysia is like Visiting The Rest of The World*".

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