Saturday, November 26, 2016

Sultan Kelantan di Majlis Pengistiharan Khas Taman Pelindungan Ekosistem Sultan Muhammad V

KDYMM Sultan Kelantan, Sultan Muhammad V berangkat ke Majlis Pengistiharan Khas Taman Perlindungan Ekosistem Sultan Muhammad V di Empangan Pergau Jeli. - 
Unit Media Pejabat Sultan Kelantan 


  1. Maka..tangkaplah semua rakyat jelata
    Maka berpoya poya dan maharajalela..pok pok jib..bersukaria....
    Keris pahang

    1. Keris Pahang

      Be strong....for each and everyone of us need to keep the fighting spirit up every inch of the way only to see the nuisance brought about by the No.1 MO1 Pirate ceased and cease for damn good.

      The guy may be acting 'tough' by spewing remarks like "...I make no apologies...etc etc..." but, its just saliva-foamed around the corner of his pussy-lips.

      The Chief-Pirate and his Thieves will go down and go down hard...its almost GUARANTEED! Amin!


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