Sunday, October 30, 2011

Peminat MERUSUH, Metallica Batal konsert di India (*Video)

NEW DELHI: Ribuan peminat memecahkan kerusi dan mengoyak poster akibat berang selepas penganjur membatalkan konsert Metallica di pinggir bandar India.

Agensi berita Indian, Trust Press berkata, polis menahan empat individu daripada syarikat penganjur konsert itu atas tuduhan menipu orang ramai yang menunggu berjam-jam untuk menyaksikan persembahan daripada kumpulan rock Amerika yang dijadual berlangsung semalam.

Sementara itu, penganjur berkata konsert dibatalkan kerana masalah teknikal.
Metallica berjanji akan membayar ganti rugi sepenuhnya kepada mereka yang sudah membeli tiket. - AP

The band’s full statement on the incident follows:
We arrived in Delhi on Friday very excited and ready to play our first show ever in India at the F1 Rocks concert. However, immediately at the end of our afternoon press conference at a hotel near the venue, we were notified that there was a serious question as to whether the show could proceed with regard to the safety of the concert audience.
And our first and foremost concern is always for the safety of you, the fans.
Once we, along with DNA, the promoters of the show, determined that there was a failure of a security barricade in front of the stage that could not be adequately repaired, the promoter reluctantly announced the postponement of the show until Saturday.
Unfortunately, on such short notice the promoters were unable to secure a permit for a show on Saturday. Therefore, DNA announced that we would not be able to play in Delhi. Within the next 24 hours a notification will be issued by DNA regarding the process for full refunds.
We are deeply disappointed with this news as we were looking forward to our first experience in India as much as you guys were. Keep watching for updates [at] as additional details are determined and confirmed.

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